When we launched Spendabit back in 2014 to help crypto-enthusiasts “spend,” Bitcoin was the only game in town. But today it’s rare to find businesses that don’t accept other crypto-coins, like Ethereum or Litecoin, alongside their Bitcoin payment option.

So after almost a decade of helping people find places to spend their bitcoins, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re extending the functionality and catalog of merchants of our "Bitcoin Product Search Engine" to include products and services that are offered for other crypto coins — or alt-coins, as they're often called.

This move was overdue not just because there is a growing number of merchants accepting multiple crypto-currencies, but also because the demand by users to spend non-bitcoin tokens has been consistently growing as well.

In addition to a growing openness to alternative crypto-coins, we’ve seen a growing breadth amongst the types of products and services offered on Spendabit. While we primarily focused our early years on listing businesses in the e-commerce space, we’ve begun branching out from that limitation to include service-style businesses like hosting providers, lawyers, and travel agents, to name a few.

At Spendabit, a central part of our mission is to demonstrate that "crypto" is real money, and broadening our horizons to include alternative crypto-currencies brings us one step closer to that. We want people to see the everyday utility of crypto — in addition to its role as a form of savings — and that they can spend BTC, LTC, and ETH just like they do US dollars or euros.

So, what are you waiting for? See what you can buy with the world's best money, and get listed on Spendabit if you're a crypto-enabled business.