Do you love Bitcoin? Do you drive on the wrong side left side of the road?

[Flag of Australia] [Flag of the United Kingdom]

That's right, this is a request for feedback to our Bitcoin-enabled friends in Australia and the United Kingdom!

First, congratulations: We received the largest number of requests for “localization” or “region support” from these two countries. For that, we've decided to ‘pilot’ this new feature in these two regions.

Now: Can you help us test it out? Here's how...

You should now see only results relevant to the country you selected. After you've played around with it a bit, and if you've got a spare minute drop us a line and tell us what you think...

  • Does it appear to be working correctly?
  • Suggestions, critiques, ideas?
  • Are there any Bitcoin-accepting merchants you think we should add?

Thanks for your time and for using Bitcoin!

P.S. If you'd like to revert to seeing worldwide search results, just go back to the region-select form and choose ‘Everywhere’ again.