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Spendabit is happy to announce you can now find the excellent lineup of precious-metals coins, rounds, and bars from Amagi Metals amongst the millions of products we index — all purchasable with your favorite digital money, Bitcoin! Amagi Metals is a particularly notable addition to our roster — they've been a longstanding supporter of crypto-currencies, and honest forms of money in general; not to mention, they were one of the first precious metals dealers to accept Bitcoin.

Stephen Macaskill, CEO of Amagi had kind words for Spendabit:

Spendabit.co is already a huge success. It's providing the Bitcoin world with a well structured search engine to find everything you need from major retailers, to smaller start-ups that accept Bitcoin. It's clean cut and easy to use.

Along with the usual disclaimer — “this is not investment advice” — we believe holding precious metals (gold, silver, and maybe even some platinum) in one's investment portfolio, or even just for a rainy day, is a prudent move. As much as we love Bitcoin (clearly), it's wise to diversify; and with a track record of thousands of years, it's hard to argue with using gold and silver as a means of wealth preservation.

Being customers of Amagi Metals, ourselves, we're happy to recommend them as a professional and reasonably-priced place to get your hands on the world's oldest kind of money — especially when shopping with the world's newest kind of money.

Gold coin icon by Aha-Soft, available under Creative Commons license.