Spendabit is pleased to announce our most notable integration to date: Thanks to our search technology, you can now find millions of things for Bitcoin at Bitcoin.com.

[Screenshot of search results at Bitcoin.com]

This search integration was made possible thanks to Spendabit's search API, as well as some good work by the team over at Bitcoin.com. We hope this not only expands use of Spendabit by long-time, in-the-know bitcoiners, but — perhaps more importantly — helps to show newcomers to the space just how practical Bitcoin is — and that they can buy virtually any product they might need with it.

About Bitcoin.com

Bitcoin.com is one of the most popular portals into the Bitcoin ecosystem. They help visitors buy bitcoins, choose a Bitcoin wallet, access the latest Bitcoin news, and engage with the Bitcoin community in their forum.

Become a Spendabit Search Partner

Do you own a Bitcoin-related website or blog? Want to help show the world what they can buy with Bitcoin (read: almost anything) and make some money doing so? Drop us a line if so; we'll help get you set up with a custom search integration via our API, an easy-to-install, embedded-search code snippet, or a simple referral link so you can make a commission on shoppers that use Spendabit via your website.